About Us

Who We Are

Connected Dot IT was established in 2016. Behind the company’s foundation is a team of IT professionals whose primary focus is on search engine optimization, digital marketing, and everything that matters when it comes to your ranking on the first page of search engines. With a combined practical experience of 12 years in the extensive field of online marketing, we’ve helped hundreds of clients looking for a solid and sustainable way to stay on top of their competitors in search rankings.Our clientele includes both upscale businesses, reputable companies, and startups that need reliable online marketing support. We are proud to be their partner on a journey where there are challenges but opportunities to take.

What We Stand for

Instead of pursuing a long list of goals, we only have one particular mission, one broad vision, and a source of strength, all of which enable us to stand tall, continue our operations, and hope for a great tomorrow.


We want to lead by example while serving our customers. Part of this serious goal is to create a benchmark of professionalism in this field by maintaining transparency, quality, and value for their investments.


To establish our position as a leading and trusted provider of online marketing solutions for individuals, businesses, and industries having an actionable emphasis on all sorts of legitimate industries and verticals


Everything we do at Connected Dot IT has been possible due to the continued effort of our skilled and knowledgeable team members who always keep up a positive spirit and passion for doing better for clients under all circumstances.

Our Core Values

We believe in certain values that help us propel this initiative to make it possible for clients to meet their customers’ needs while protecting their investments and advancing towards the fulfillment of goals



Unlike many of our competitors, we inform clients of our activities, so they are not unaware of what’s going on. We follow the same level of transparency within our company.



One of the most significant aspects of our standing as a company is to do everything necessary to uphold our commitments as we assure clients of good rankings.


Effective Communication

Our clients don’t need to wait longer than necessary as they want to hear from us. From the scope of projects to the achievement of goals, we use our communication skills properly.



The SEO industry keeps embracing the adoption of new techniques to improve the prospects of businesses in reaching their audience. We keep pace with these innovations too.



We believe in competition where we want to stay relevant. To make this happen, our diligent digital marketing experts keep trying to gain a competitive edge for clients.



Our knowledgeable SEO staff keep notes on each change that takes place in the landscape of online marketing and mold their actions, keeping the primary goals in mind.

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