Home Décor Write for Us: Inviting You to Share Thoughts

Connected Dot IT has been developed with the motto to build a community where people can talk about their home decoration, interior and exterior renovation, improvement, and healthy living in line with high-quality home decor.

We are glad to welcome everyone who has a passion for their home’s interior and exterior design. We love to receive home decor write for us submissions from you and everyone who is into any of these jobs.

  • Residential Interior
  • Commercial and Retail Interior
  • Interior Design Consultancy
  • Lighting Design
  • Space Planning
  • Exhibit and Set Design
  • Sustainable Design

You might want to know what makes our platform an ideal choice for you. Well, keep reading to know which possibilities await and how you can maximize your benefits from writing for us.

Benefits of Writing for Us

Writing for us actually makes you a guest author, and you’re doing guest posts for your website or online venture, which come with some obvious benefits.

High-Quality Traffic and Exposure

As we allow contributors to include links to their websites, you can benefit from this platform by familiarizing your business and attracting our audience to your website.

Included in our traffic base are real buyers, spatial and interior designers, production and exhibition designers, visual merchandisers, real estate agents, hobbyists, DIY professionals, and homeowners who you can relate with via social media and other effective means. This exposure can help you grow your business.

Opportunity for Learning

Writing for us doesn’t only mean that you’re doing something to improve your business or exposure. Working with us also allows you a great opportunity to learn new things shared by avid contributors like you.

SEO Benefits

By sending your home decor write for us submissions, you’re actually arranging guest posts for your website, which are one of Google’s recommended practices for websites in today’s fast-changing SEO landscape.

Guest posting brings several other benefits including great support to help you build authority, increase credibility, drive traffic, increase conversion, and return on investment (ROI).

Topic Selection

Since it is about your home, you’ll never run out of ideas. Once you’ve planned a home decor write for us submission; you’re not just writing content. You’re going to share what’s in your mind about the beautiful home you got.

One might say it is not easy to introduce unique thoughts. You don’t always need to brainstorm new topics. You can always take inspiration from your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances who might have reimagined their home decor and got interesting stories.

As we value our readers, we conducted a survey to learn what they like and need. After analyzing the findings carefully, we’ve created an inclusive list of the types of content that aspiring writers or home decor enthusiasts can write for us.

  • Home Decor Ideas (trending, affordable, luxurious, cozy, vintage, space-saving, etc.)
  • How-To Guides, Tips and Tricks, Real-Life Hacks, and DIY Projects
  • Original Product Reviews and Opinions
  • Product Overview (informational and explanatory discussion, new release/ latest updates, etc.)
  • Home Decor Industry Insights

However, we strongly discourage content that is solely written to promote individuals, companies, products, and services. We also urge you to not provide press releases. We appreciate your effort to inform our readers but only if your content adds value.

While we accept write-ups that describe the positive and negative aspects of things, home improvement projects, and step-by-step procedures, our goal is to educate, entertain, and help our visitors, not just making this site as a platform for writers to increase their sales.

Content: Originality, Relevance, Interactivity, Readability, and Length

Apart from the selection of topics, this particular section includes essential information about what we want to see in your content. We strongly recommend people who want to write for us that they follow each point to the letter, so our valuable community can benefit from the submitted content.


First up, the content has to be original, which means not just articles that pass a standard plagiarism test. It’s easy to pick up an article from a website, restructure, and rephrase it. In addition, advanced spinning tools or AI article builders are also powerful enough to do the trick.

We expect an aspiring contributor to know better than this. After all, you want your voice heard or words expressed in your own way. So, we would love to publish articles that are written by you using your own thoughts.

However, a specific number is always helpful when it comes to the authenticity or originality of the content. We understand the challenges associated with the job of writing an article that is 100% original. So, we accept content with at least 100% originality.

Relevance of Topics

The moment you landed on our website, you may have got the idea about the subjectivity our readers are interested in. You can write virtually anything that relates to home decor, home improvement, and house renovation. We suggest our potential contributors to write content on any topic specific to any of these areas.

Interactivity: Use of Images

What’s an article without certain things to elicit readers’ interest in knowing better and more? Relevant images are definitely one of the top elements to enrich your content and lead readers to interact with you.

You can include several images, depending on what your topic of discussion demands, but we expect at least one high-quality and relevant image with the content. You can provide images captured by you or use the ones upon permission from the owners.

We also accept stock photos in which case you must submit the license to those assets, so we can avoid any kind of legal or copyright issues. If you need to use someone else’s image, it is your responsibility to seek permission and provide us with the required information so that we can mention the image credit properly.

For product images, our website requires images that are collected from the original manufacturer’s website. This helps us avoid publishing any misleading information or visuals, thereby protecting the interest of our readers.

Readability and Respect for Readers

As Connected Dot IT is meant for a vibrant community of humans that always focuses on home decor as part of their daily life, your article needs to be readable. We understand that each human being is different from another in their way of expression. At the same time, we need writers to craft their thoughts in a way that the community can easily comprehend.

If you have to use jargon, we totally understand that, but each term needs to be well-defined and clearly explained so that our readers can use the information to their advantage.

Your article must be free of all kinds of vague statements and ambiguity. Readers are whom we do everything. So, your content must be free of slang and disrespectful remarks.

Content Length

We believe that content shouldn’t be limited to mere word counts. But we need to maintain certain aspects of readership, which means we set a minimum requirement. An article should contain at least 800 words and at most 2000 words.

Please note that we discourage the practice of writing fluff or putting filler text only to reach the desired word count. We would love to see the work of those who try to make every word count.

Submission Guideline

You can write content using any word editor, but we only accept Google Doc or MS Word files. We don’t accept HTML, notepad files, or any other document/ file that is not appropriate for content publishing.

Your article must be well-formatted including spacing after each paragraph, bolded headings, bullet lists, and other features wherever appropriate.

The content should be SEO-friendly, meaning that you need to ensure proper use of keywords, meta description, and other relevant on-page elements.

You can include one link to an external website. Make sure you don’t link to one of our competitors, an adult site, betting, gambling, and any other site that deals in illegal things.

Although our expert editorial team reviews each article before publishing, we recommend you edit and proofread your article before sending it to us so that the article gets approval from our editors without delays or hassles.

When you are confident enough that your home decor article meets all of the above criteria and is ready for our review, please send the document to us via

Our Policy for Publishing Content

Before sending your article to us, we would like you to read and understand the following terms and conditions carefully to avoid any kind of confusion that may arise.

  • We usually take 3-10 days to publish an article on our website.
  • We may reject an article that our editors flag as inappropriate or poorly written.
  • Connected Dot IT reserves the right to remove link(s) to external sources or the entire article anytime without being subject to accountability. However, we don’t usually remove content that comes with the above conditions fulfilled.

Key Requirements at a Glance

  • Content that is specific to home decor and other related areas
  • 95% original content based on accurate facts, relevant information, and verifiable sources
  • Properly formatted content with meta description and highlighted subheadings
  • Grammatically correct, readable, and SEO-friendly article
  • At least one useful image

Finally, Connected Dot IT doesn’t guarantee that your article will receive as much readers’ attention as you expect. Each article on our website has been published for our readers who are the people to decide whether your article is worth reading or not. So, we always hope that your home decor write for us submission is as good and useful as our readers want.