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SEO Service

On-page SEO is all about optimizing the content of a web page to make it user-friendly and readable to search engines. But how do we do it? Just optimizing all the title tags, internal links, URLs, the content, and calling it a day? In short, NO. We take all measures within clients’ websites to improve their overall positions in search rankings, preferably on the first page. Besides better rankings, we make sure your website stays relevant and on top. Included in our on-site SEO services are content, links, design, and technical factors.

SEO Service

Content Optimization

 TEXT:  We recommend essential means to enable you to create content around certain keywords as well as all related terms and combinations, so users can benefit in every way possible.

 TEXT ELEMENTS:  We assist clients by showing them how to make every piece of content reader-friendly by including elements like bullet points, headings, italicized words, spacing, etc.


 VISUALS:  We apply proven techniques of optimization to make your images, videos, infographics, and other visual assets in a way that those attract users without affecting the site speed.


Design Optimization

Usability is closely linked to the design of a website. So, the graphics and other JavaScript elements have to be simple yet powerful enough to improve the functional experience of a web page.

Logical Site Structure and Depth of Crawl: We structure all the menus in a way that your website has up to four levels so that the search engine bot can reach and crawl all your sub-pages easily.

Internal Links: We help clients build robust link structures to enable them to manage and distribute link juice around their domains and increase relevance of all pages.

Canonicalization:  Using canonical tags the right way, we can avoid duplicate page(s) to be ignored and the intended pages to be considered by search engines.

URL Structure:   Our on-page optimization plan includes actions to check and ensure that all URLs are logically interrelated and what search engines like.

Use of Robots Metatag: We use the metatag “noindex” carefully so that pages without useful or meaningful content are not included in Google’s search results.

Technical Optimization

There are different technical components of any website, which include three major components, each of which is addressed by our experts with due diligence..

SEO Service

Server Speed: Since the speed of your web server is crucial to the site’s ranking, we provide effective suggestions to speed up the response time of the server.

Source Code:  It is important that the Googlebot index your site and access it properly. It requires the source code to be clean, precise, and improved for better performance.

IP Addresses: Did you know that a unique IP address is an important component that signals search engines that your website has a genuine identity? We can help you find one.

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FAQ About Our On-Page SEO Services

Answer: Unlike an average or typical SEO agency, we avoid making any promise that may not be fulfilled. In practice, SERP rankings are more about the sustainability of the performance of your website than its quick reach to the first page. However, we can get you started as soon as you want and let you see better results following a reasonable timeline which is anywhere between two and six months.

Answer: Increasing the conversion rate of a website is an integral part of our on-page SEO services, which includes finding fun yet engaging ways to let users interact with a website, crafting powerful CTA text and other user-friendly elements for faster and better navigation.

Answer: Yes, we help clients update their content, improve link structures, build sitemaps, and ping Google as changes are made. All these add to our effort to increase a site’s crawl rate.

Answer: Since we focus on content optimization for quality and relevance, site speed, security, and overall user experience along with inspirations for better interactions, we can appeal to users and grab their attention.

Answer: Yes, we experiment with the language and user intent around the small search box. We swap popular and relevant terms to identify and use what your audience prefers.

On-Page SEO Packages

Looking for a custom SEO service package for your website? We offer special plans to let our clients benefit from.